Best Threaded Rod Manufacturing And Process Guide By Top Threaded Rod Manufacturer In India

This post is intended to provide advice on how to choose the best connection method for your application. To discover the various threaded rod sizes, lengths, and finishes available.


There are a few simple methods for connecting threaded rods.
The fundamental fixed connection
Because of the link
Connecting from below
Making an oblique connection
Regardless of the connection style used, the procedure is relatively simple and demonstrates the versatility of our metal framing system.


BASIC FIXED CONNECTION The first strategy is a direct fixed connection. The threaded rod enters the bottom of the channel but does not exit the top side of the strut in this connection. The fixed connection is compatible with single and double channel strut sections and solid and pierced strut sections

This step plays a crucial part for top threaded rod manufacturers in India as it lays down an image of what the final product will look like.

THROUGH CONNECTION A through connection is a common strategy for applications that require more adjustability. In contrast to the primary fixed connection, the threaded rod exits the top of the strut, allowing for simple height adjustments. The through connection can be used with a single or back-to-back channel with holes or slots.

CONNECTING BENEATH THE CHANNEL The threaded rod can be hung beneath the channel, using a U-shaped fitting as shown in the drawing below. This option also provides more length adjustment than a standard fixed connection.

ANGLED CONNECTION The most common method for connecting threaded rods to running at an angle is to use two P1068 fittings with a bolt and nut. The result is a secure and highly adjustable connection connecting a vertical threaded rod to a sloped or angled channel.

THREADED ROD SIZES, LENGTHS, AND FINISHES Threaded rods are available in standard lengths of 6′, 10′, and 12′, but we can also cut to custom lengths and deburr if needed. Most sizes come standard with a galvanized finish, but we also offer our new, corrosion-resistant Defender Finish for 12″ and 3/8″ rods.

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