Best Threaded Rod Manufacturing And Process Guide By Top Threaded Rod Manufacturer In India

Threaded Rod is one of the core vital material used in construction, manufacturing, petroleum and many more major industries all around the world. Their heavy usage had made it compulsory for companies to buy only quality threaded rods from the top threaded rod manufacturer in India, Ludhiana or anywhere in the world. Today the use of threaded rods has become a necessity in various fields. But most of the companies are still confused between a threaded rod and bolt and are unaware of the process through which top threaded rod manufacturers in India like Bee Dee Cycle make threaded rods. We from Bee Dee Cycle have prepared an easy-to-understand step-by-step guide for all that will help you know about the manufacturing of threaded rods in the India process in the most simple way. A Threaded Rod famously known as a stud by many is a metal fastener that is mostly made up of stainless steel. It has threading done on both of its sides as compared to bolt or screw where threading is done on only one side. Threaded Rod is used at places of high tension construction, manufacturing, etc.

Process For Manufacturing Threaded Rod

The making of top quality threaded rods in India is a long process mainly containing 5 main steps. Every top threaded rod manufacturer in India ensures strict follow up of all these steps to manufacture the best quality threaded rod in India. Let’s look at the process in a nutshell to know the complete steps for manufacturing quality threaded roads with Hydraulic Thread Machines:

Wire Drawing The manufacturing of the best quality threaded rod in India starts with the step of wire drawing. In this step, drawings are made for each particular type of threaded rod with a particular diameter and size as guided by customers. This step plays a crucial part for top threaded rod manufacturers in India as it lays down an image of what the final product will look like.

Straightening And Cutting After the completion of wire design as per the customer’s needs, the raw material which is wire rods is straightened and cut via a premium straightening and cutting machine. The cutting of wire rods is done in fixed length as prescribed and designed during the wire designing phase. The length of threaded rods depends mainly on the type of threaded rod which can be a Metric Threaded Rod which is of mm size or Imperial Threaded Rods that are UMC threaded rod which has size variations of 3ft, 6ft, 10ft or 12ft. For example, if the customer demand for Metric Threaded Rods of 1mm, we will cut the wire rod in 1mm length which will then move to the next phase of threading, the same will be done for 2mm and 3mm threaded rod or any specifies the size of threaded rods.

Threading Of Wire Rod After being straightened and cut, the wire rod then goes for the threading process. As a top threaded rod manufacturer in Ludhiana and India, we perform threading only through the best quality thread roller that performs continuous thread rolling. The Thread rolling process is performed with the help of Hydraulic Thread Machines according to the size demanded by the customers, for example, For Metric Threaded Rod:- 3mm threading 6mm threading 12mm threading 16mm threading, etc. For Imperial Threaded Rod:- ⅜ inches threading ½ inches threading ⅝ inch threading ¾ inch threading, etc.

Coating of Threaded Rods After competition of all the above steps from wire drawing, to continuous threading, comes the finishing step of coating the threaded rods which are done as per customer requirements. If the customer’s requirement is for a plain finish then oiling on each threaded rod is done with a rust preventing oil before being packed. If the customer’s demand a zinc-plated electro-galvanized coating then we provide a zinc electro-galvanized coating to the threaded rods. If he wants a hot-dip galvanized threaded rod, we as a top threaded rod manufacturer in India also perform hot-dip galvanized coating for giving the best to our customers.

Packaging Of High-Quality Threaded Rods Packaging is one of the most vital steps for any industry. Your product is of no use until it reaches its destination. At the end of all steps comes the packaging of threaded rods. Every top threaded rod manufacturer in India gives special attention to this step. Most of the industry leaders such as Bee Dee Cycles go for 2 types of packaging for threaded rods. These types are:

Packaging through Cardboard Tubes Packaging through HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) wrap.

Loading And Delivery As a premium threaded rod manufacturer in Ludhiana, India we have to perform deliveries all across India and abroad also. We are guided by customers on whether to provide loading and delivery in palletization form or in any other form.


Threaded rods has become a necessary component in every major industry. This heavy dependency had created the need to only purchase high-quality threaded rods from top threaded rod manufacturers in India. Bee Dee Cycle is one of the top threaded rod manufacturers in Ludhiana, India. Our threaded rod’s quality is appraised by most of our customers present not only in India but also in various parts of the world. Get the highest quality threaded rod in India at affordable rates with us. Contact now to avail free quotes!

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